Performing the Record Export in OCLC Connexion

To export records from an OCLC Connexion® client to SirsiDynix Symphony, follow these steps.

The Import from OCLC Connexion® feature must be activated by SirsiDynix Customer Support before you can use it. Contact SirsiDynix Customer Support if your library wants to use the Import from OCLC Connexion® feature.

Before you can export bibliographic records from OCLC Connexion®, some setup on the SirsiDynix Symphony server and within the OCLC Connexion® client is required. For instructions on these topics, see Setting Up the SirsiDynix Symphony Server to Receive Exports from OCLC Connexion and Setting Up OCLC Connexion for Exporting Records to SirsiDynix Symphony.

These instructions assume that at least one destination has been created in OCLC Connexion® specifically for exporting bibliographic records to SirsiDynix Symphony. For instructions on how to create a destination for this purpose, see Setting Up OCLC Connexion for Exporting Records to SirsiDynix Symphony.

These instructions are written for the OCLC Connexion® desktop client, but you can use other OCLC Connexion® clients to perform the same tasks. For information about fields and procedures in OCLC Connexion® clients, see the client's product documentation.

To export bibliographic files from OCLC Connexion®

The Options window opens.

The OCLC Gateway Export Status window opens, and the record export begins. SirsiDynix Symphony returns messages indicating the results of the export. Symphony also reports any errors in the export process.

The following is an example of what you might see reported back from the SirsiDynix Symphony server during the export process:

MARC Listener policy selected: NEW_ISBN

Symphony Catalog MARC Load 3.5.3 started on Tuesday, June 12, 2018. 2:15 PM

 1 callnum(s) created.

 1 bib record(s) read.

 1 bib record(s) loaded.

Symphony Catalog MARC Load finished on Tuesday, June 12, 2018. 2:15 PM

Loaded record's catalog key: 123456

Title of loaded record: Test Title

MARC record successfully received.

If a MARC record has its leader position 05 (record status) set to d (Deleted), SirsiDynix Symphony loads the record, but reports to the OCLC Connexion® client that the record import was canceled.

SirsiDynix Symphony indexes the bibliographic records you exported automatically; once this occurs, these records become available in the Symphony catalog.

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